Ernie Haase &
Signature Sound

12/16/17 7:00 p.m.

From its formation in 2003, Ernie
Haase has built Signature Sound into
one of the most popular and beloved
quartets in all of Southern Gospel
music. The group has traveled all over
the world, offering energy, excitement
and encouragement through its
powerful brand of gospel music.
EHSS continues to gain fans all
around the globe with its unique
performances and unmistakable
four-part harmonies. EHSS is one of
the most celebrated quartets in
Southern Gospel History mentioned
with the same "trailblazing" reverence
as groups likes The Statesmen
Quartet and The Cathedral Quartet.

EHSS has sung and sold to millions
worldwide, a feat that has not been
accomplished by any other Southern
Gospel quartet. From concerts in
Latvia and India to South Africa and
New Zealand, events all around North
America, TV appearances on ESPN
with NASCAR, multiple NBA
appearances singing our National
Anthem, and even a specialty tour of
historic American theaters in support
of the EHSS Broadway project
featuring Les Misérables legend J.
Mark McVey, Signature Sound is a
world-renowned quartet that spans a
wide variety of genres and cultures.